Former CEO of TC-IME AD Teodora Taneva faces 74 million EUR claim as Veltchev's plan to illegally acquire BTC collapses

The former CEO of TC-IME AD Mrs. Teodora Taneva, who illegally continues to hold office and signs documents in breach of her legal and fiduciary obligations, has received a statement of claim for 74 million EUR filed with Sofia City Court from the shareholder who dismissed her some years ago.

Mr. Dmitry Kosarev, the owner of the company Empreno Ventures Ltd., who ultimately controls BTC, had initiated various litigation and arbitration proceedings against VTB in London, Vienna, Luxemburg and Moscow, as VTB continues to illegally retain 33% of BTC.

Milen Veltchev's plan to acquire BTC at a third of its market value is stuck in several legal disputes, which now continue with this fresh case filed in Sofia.

«Mrs. Taneva's behavior and actions directly harm the interest of the shareholders and ultimately – the interest of the Bulgarian State, and are subject to civil and criminal liability», says Mr. Kosarev. «We are determined to defend our interest as shareholders and will not allow a former manager to harm us in breaching every essential fiduciary duty and act blatantly against the interest of the company».

Despite of the valid corporate decisions for her dismissal as a CEO of TC-IME AD, Mrs. Taneva continued to sign documents in breach of her duties and against the interest of the company, and will be held liable. Similarly Mr. Milen Veltchev has engaged personal legal representatives in the ongoing case before the High Court of England and Wales related to the fraudulent plan for the takeover of BTC from VTB.

The first hearing of the Taneva civil liability case is about to be scheduled by the Sofia City Court in the coming days.