Originally posted by Афера.БГ, January 9, 2017

Obviously worried about the end of the support provided by the current Government and personally by the figure standing before the mirror, its reflection – Mr. Delyan Peevski and the “appointed” owner of BTC Mr. Spas Rusev just performed yet another particularly desperate attempt to legitimize the theft of BTC.

The plan included series of misleading publications in the Peevski-controlled media like and Monitor newspaper, where some of the notoriously independent judges were pressurized in order to change the established case practice in favour of the Rusev/Peevski duo.

Following this media attack, on 5 January 2017 Rusev/Peevski bombarded the Commercial Register with four applications to change the control over Viva Telecom Bulgaria EOOD – the company, which controls BTC. As we all know, Rusev announced his “acquisition” of BTC at the end of August, but still is Mr. No-one in both BTC and its mother company. By the end of 2016, the Sofia city court and the Sofia court of appeal have issued a number of resolutions confirming that Mr. Rusev and his team shall not be registered as managers of the companies that they claim to control.

In his desperate recent attempt, Mr. Rusev tried all of the below – to reappoint himself as a manager of Viva Telecom Bulgaria, to appoint his son as a manager, to appoint a foreign procurator and to make sure that Milen Veltchev represents the company alone (as he was already doing illegally).

By means of 3 court resolutions issued on the next day – 6 January 2017 – three of the applications were dismissed. The judge that failed to dismiss the application (having done the opposite just a day before that on similar grounds) revealed the actual irony of the situation Spas Rusev put himself in.

In a humiliating resolution dated 7 January 2017, the Commercial Register pointed out a series of mistakes made by Mr. Rusev and his team, and confirmed that even if these mistakes were to be corrected on a later stage, the registration of Spas Rusev as a manager of Viva Telecom Bulgaria would be rejected.  

In his desperate attempt, Mr. Rusev revealed an interesting resolution by a court in Luxembourg, which reveals the full technology of the theft of BTC. It reveals the fact that there have been offers for BTC, which exceeded three times the price paid by VTB to … themselves. The Resolution also provides a list of breaches made by VTB Capital, Rusev and Milen Veltchev with the obvious support by the state representatives and their mirror – image -Peevski.

Definitely, there is a very good reason for Rusev & Co. to be very nervous about. Rusev himself declared wrong circumstances before the Bulgarian institutions in relation to the BTC theft, which brings risks of different dimensions.  The English litigation is coming to a decisive moment and the cases in all other jurisdictions are advancing. The CPC clearance is under judicial review. VTB’s loan is unsecured. The CEO of BTC is pushed to expose himself to extreme risks for the payment of 2 million EUR in interest to VTB in an attempt to suggest that it is business as usual. Bankers and businessmen are chasing Rusev for the various loans, which he secured with the planned thefts from BTC once it is taken over. The political change in Bulgaria is coming any minute now and the prosecutors might decide to move away from the “umbrella” over Rusev & Co.